Saturday, January 5, 2019

Princess Half Marathon Runner Essentials

Last year I attempted my first half marathon and failed (you can read about it HERE) so I decided to give it another shot this year. I have several friends who also signed up this year for their first half marathon and that have asked me for my race day essentials so I decided I’d share it with all of you! I’m by no means a professional runner...I’m a big girl who’s slow AF but damn it I’m out there trying. Here’s my list to keep you going, comfy, and cute!

To Keep You Going

In the days leading up to the race it's so important to not try new things that could upset your stomach and digestion. You want to hydrate more than you ever have and load up on healthy carbs to two days before. I was recommend the two items below and they honestly really helped during the race. Also take advantage of the free Biofreeze at the first aid stops!

GU Energy Gel

Jelly Belly Sports Beans

To Keep You Comfy

Good running shoes: go to a running store and get fitted for them. Usually the fitting is free and it makes all the difference. The socks are just as important. You want to make sure they have arch support and don't slide off. Few things are worse than chaffing so cover your body in Body Glide. If you think you think it could chaff there put the cream there. My sister and I both wore running leggings and still put body glide on our thighs and neither of us chaffed at all.

Body Glide (cream)

Running socks

Cropped running leggings

To Keep You Cute

I was so nervous about the race last year that I didn't really get into the fun of dressing up. I will try to be more fun when it comes to my outfit this year but the key is to keep your outfit light and comfortable. I opt for a headpiece that doesn't squeeze my headband like a headband or Minnie ears would.

Glitter Running Skirt

Ponytail Tiara

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Why I Think Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is "Worth" it

A question I'm often asked, especially around this time of year, is if shelling out the extra money for a ticket to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is worth it or not. To put it simply in my not so humble opinion...absolutely. As a cast member I don't pay to get into the Disney theme parks but that does not include the special yes, I do have to pay to go to these parties and even though I'm at Disney all the time I still think it's worth it. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the holiday parties, in a nutshell, they are special ticketed events that are themed to Halloween (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party) or Christmas (Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party) and they feature things exclusive to that event. An example are the parades and fireworks which are themed to the holiday and aren't shown on normal non-party days. Mickey's "Boo to You" Halloween Parade is my all time favorite parade at Walt Disney World and I think a lot of the reason is because I can't see it all the time so it's extra special. During the party everyone can hit up the trick-or-treat spots and this year I was so happy to see that several treat spots have been added within attraction queues. 

Another benefit is during the parties many of the attractions have incredibly reduced wait times. This is huge for some people but to be honest when we go we try to take advantage of all the special entertainment, character meet and greets, and special treat offerings since we can ride the attractions anytime. 

Now that I've pleaded my case here are the facts in black and white:
  • The party is from 7:00 PM-Midnight but your ticket gets you into the Magic Kingdom as early as 4:00 PM with the park closing for day guests at 6:00 PM.
  • There are two parade viewings and one {incredible} fireworks show each party.
  • Guests can trick-or-treat throughout the park and receive complimentary trick-or-treat bags.
  • You can meet some of your favorite characters decked out in their Halloween best. 
  • Guests are invited to dress up in costumes. 
  • There is specialty merchandise available for purchase during the party.  
Now for the massive photo drop off photos from fun times at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!




Not amused with the characters at all last year

Anna (Stella) and Elsa (Brynn)

The Maleficent Ice Cream (lime soft serve with chocolate horns) was a big hit 

At the end of the day you have to decide what's best for you but I hope this helps guide you to your decision. Comment below with any questions and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Brynn's Second Birthday Lemon Party!

We had Brynn's party the day before her actual birthday over at The Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. All week the weather was showing rain during her party but luckily it was clear and sunny (and HOT...sorry guests) during her party. We served BBQ pulled chicken sliders, grilled hot dogs, pasta salad, and veggies to our guests. I had lemonade, french berry lemonade, limeade, and water for our guest to enjoy. Instead of serving a traditional cake/cupcakes I went for mini cupcakes, mini lemon cakes, and mini cookie sandwiches which were a HUGE hit with our guests so I'll make sure to keep that in mind for years to come.

We ate, mingled, Brynn {but mostly me} opened presents, and then we let her smash her little cake. So many people raved about her cake and could not believe it when I told them at it was a vanilla mini cake from...Publix that I decorated myself! It turned out so great and the birthday girl snacked on it all day.

I originally picked a citrus theme for the party but then Target came out with the most adorable lemon/lemonade things in their dollar spot so I fully committed to lemons lol! I arranged flowers from Traders Joe's and Publix for the centerpieces and then placed fresh limes, lemons, greenery, and baby's breath in berry baskets to go on the sides of the arrangements. I also shoot for low cost items that I can reuse when entertaining so I'll make sure to provide links for the most asked about items.

We all had a great time and only had one casualty...Brynn's bestie, Nora took a tumble from the new princess carriage and got two bad skinned knees. Now I know to always have a first aid kit at kid's parties! Good news is that Nora is on the mend because she's literally the toughest toddler this side of the Mississippi! The other lesson I took away from this party is that next year I don't care how cheesy and un-Pinterest worthy it is...we're having an indoor, air conditioned...possibly Chuck-E-Cheese party! Here's the photo drop....

Party Supplies:

Centerpiece Vases
Kid's Picnic Table (Early Birthday Gift from Aunt Maggie)
Entry Table
Yellow Gingham Paper Plates (Used a 40% off coupon on each pack)
2-Tier Cake Stand

Thanks for stopping by and please comment if you have any other questions about the party!