Sunday, March 26, 2017

Farmhouse Hack: Wooden Pillar Holder

A couple years ago my mom kept raving about some show on HGTV and told me I needed to watch it but I never got around to it. Then one weekend I binge watched Fixer Upper and completely fell head over heels in love with the simplistic and classic farmhouse style. I love everything about what Joanna does...except for the prices. So here is the first of many Former Kennedy Farmhouse Hacks!

Here is the inspiration for this hack...pillar holders from The Magnolia Market.

{image via Magnolia Market}

The prices are $35 for a small, $45 for a medium, and $55 for a large. If I bought the four that I'm hacking my total would be $200. You can buy them here if you're a Rockefeller. I'm going to show you how to make them for $25 with all supplies from Home Depot!

What you will need for 4 pillar holders:

  • Foam paint brush
  • Clear epoxy Gorilla Glue
  • Paint - I used a paint sample size of Glidden in Parchment White (but you can use any color)
  • 8 Small terra cotta pot saucers
  • Pliers 
  • 4 Pre-spun wooden table legs
First you need to remove the screws from the table legs with the pliers.

Next you will follow the directions on the Gorilla Glue to mix it and spread the glue on the end of the table leg that the screw was in then place the saucer upside and place the glue covered side on it.

Then spread glue on the top of the leg and place the saucer, normal side up so a candle can sit in it, on the glue covered top. Let the glue dry for 20 minutes as stated on the glue instructions.

Paint the first coat of paint and let dry.

Paint the second coat and let it dry and you'll have a beautiful set of farmhouse style pillar holders for less than the cost of one {small} Magnolia Market pillar holder!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Fellow Millennials...Print Your Pictures! {Free Shutterfly Photobook and Chatbook Code}

Listen y'all, I get it...we've been incredibly spoiled when it comes to capturing memories and communicating with our loved ones. When we were kids our parents had to use up an entire roll of film that they then had to take to be sent off to be developed and a few weeks later would finally be ready. Well until one hour photo was invented which was still annoying in my opinion. The worst part? You couldn't see if the pictures were actually good until you got them back. I can definitely see why someone got so frustrated that they invented the digital photography we know and love today.

Since everything is so instant now our wonderful pictures just sit on our phone or social media never to be printed and put in our homes. Well I'm here to help you out with some easy, no excuse ways to finally make those memories a little more tangible. First up is...


 The spine has the Series name as well as the timeline which I love!

This is the absolute best option for all my fellow lazy AF people. You have a couple options with this as far as what pictures you want in your books. The books can be soft back (still very durable though) or hard back. You can take the time to custom build a book or you can set up a subscription, which is what I have. I filtered my book series to pull only the photos on my Instagram with a certain hashtag (the one I use for my daughter's pictures) and it makes a book automatically for me. Each series book has 60 photos that show both the caption and location if you tag it in the photo and sends out once the book is full. I love this because I still have the freedom to remove and add pictures to my books but if I want to be lazy I can. I picked the soft back book and basic shipping so each book costs me a measly $10 total. They make great coffee table books and are small even to fit in my purse to take on trips with us to show our family that don't use social media our pictures. If photo aren't your thing you can order just prints from them too! I highly suggest using Chatbooks they gave me an offer for my readers right HERE {FREE CHATBOOK}!

Next up...Professional Photobooks

You've taken the time to seek out a professional photographer that you like, you've picked out the outfits, found a beautiful location, and now you're just going to let those photos disappear on your Facebook timeline until your flashback notification reminds you of them?! Pure craziness y'all! See if your photographer offers photobook services. Our beloved Arastasia Photography does and she knocked it out of the ballpark with Brynn's newborn book! It's so high quality that I feel like I should wear gloves while looking at it. The design and layout is impeccable and we love it! Here are a couple iphone shots of it.

 The beautiful leather cover makes it feel like it's right out of Hogwarts to me.

Last but not least is a longtime favorite of mine...


Unless you've been living under a rock for several years you know that Shutterfly is one of the most popular places for all things photo related. They have everything from mouse pads, magnets, wall decor, invitations/cards all of which can be customized by you super easily from your computer or even your phone! My favorite though are the photo books. They have an insane amount of templates ranging from vacation, wedding, guestbook, adoption portfolios, and family yearbooks.  

I recently have been on a photo book kick so here are some of ones I created...

Our Honeymoon Album

Brynn's Birth Story...because some pictures don't belong on social media

I left two pages empty so that I could paste in cards that we got in the hospital and her little bracelet.

2016 Family Yearbook

This is an idea from my friend Lauren, owner and creator of Ren Ott Events, who has been making these since she and her husband got together. I'll admit that putting the 2016 one together was a bit of a task for me but I've already started on our 2017 one. I carve out about 30 minutes a month to make a page for it so come next January all I have to do is order it. It will be so fun to look at them as Brynn gets older. All of us gathered around a book looking at old photos seems so much more special than being gathered around a computer screen or phone.

As promised I have a promo code for a FREE PHOTO BOOK for you from Shutterfly so now you really have no excuse not to make one. Make sure to send me pics of your books when you get them!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Seven Months of Brynn

How in the world are you seven months old already?! I feel like we just came home from the hospital yesterday and now I have to start thinking about planning your first birthday party.

 This month you haven't stopped moving. You're rolling, crawling, and taking steps when you hold our hands. You have a new trick that shows how smart you are but is super scary for me. You, with the encouragement from your daddy, have learned how to roll and slide off of the couch to stand on the floor. It's hilarious and terrifying all at the same time.

 Your new favorite toy is THIS JUMPER. I think we all have as much fun watching you as you do jumping in it. It's made you want to jump all the time. Sometimes we pull it up and swing you in it which you LOVE! I think you like to feel the wind in your hair.

 As far as foods go...your parents finally busted out the BABY BULLET and made you some fresh, homemade foods. Your favorite by far are sweet potatoes and you're a fan of pears, banana, and prunes.

This month brought a visit from your Aunt Kac and your first Valentine's Day. Thank you for being so funny and sweet. We love you so much Mouse!