Friday, July 24, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday! [my very first link up]

Hello everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm so excited for my very first link up with Oh Hey, Friday! with the ladies over at {the farmer's wife} and September F A R M. I'll go ahead and get right to the are my five highlights from this week...


My dog Mulligan (on the right) and cousin's dog Mocha (on the left) could seriously be puppy models if Calvin Klein ever made a dog fragrance line! Look at that smolder LOL :)


My sweet "Disney" family, the Brankamps, that I made magic for over 5 years ago texted me from Walt Disney World and seriously made my week. I left Disney just a little over a year ago and every time I seem to get sad about it someone sends a little pixie dust that makes it easier without even knowing it! On my very last day working at Disney I made a file for them filled with goodies so that on their next trip I could make magic for them even though I'm not there anymore. Needless to say I got choked up when I told them. #TheMagicLives


Brian kicked my butt at the gym this week. I wish I was one of those people who enjoys working out, and maybe one day I will be, but as for now when I feel like slowing down I keep thinking WEDDING DRESS!!!


My friends are the coolest, no seriously. Three years ago while working at Epcot I became great friends with one of our international representatives from Germany named Jana (pronounced Yah-Nah...I get more offended at people saying it wrong than she does lol) and on her last day of work I told her how I was so excited to see her travel all over the world but was incredibly jealous that I would probably never see these places in my life. Right then she made a promise that she would take "me" with her on all her adventures if I made her a Flat Jordan. I made the Flat Jordan with material from work (oops sorry Mickey) and colored her in the infamous Walt Disney World Guest Relations outfit. I thought she might take it a couple places and then it would get lost or something but it's been three years and I still get FB notifications with where Flat Jordan has been. You can see her travels to places like Egypt, Disneyland Paris, and most recently South Africa and Barcelona in this PHOTO ALBUM !


I've been vicariously living through my bestie Kathleen over at Places I Will Go this week because she began her 16 day trek through Europe. I think the only person leaving more comments on her photos than me is her mom. Kathleen also took at Flat Jordan on her travels and you can see her adventures on instagram with #FlatJordan

And just like that I've done my first link up. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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