Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Update: Charleston...made in Carolina.

This weekend I spent in the beyond beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina with my amazing childhood friends Meg and Ross. The last time I was there I was about 8 years old so it was nice to experience it as an adult this time around. Here are a few highlights from my trip! After dropping our dogs off at The Wag Factory we went downtown to a little Greek place called Saffron where we had wine, hummus, and the most amazing Greek dessert torte that wasn't photographed because we devoured it in about 45 seconds. The next morning my fiance Brian and I decided to walk to through through the city to a little breakfast place we saw had great reviews on Yelp called Sunrise Bistro Xpress, it did not disappoint! Here is my breakfast burrito that was cut to look like sushi and Brian's breakfast pizza that had sausage gravy and an omelette on top, delicious!
I'll be honest a morning stroll seemed like a lovely idea at 9AM when we left the house but the walk back was rough because it was already around 97 degrees by 10AM! However in between my whining that it was too hot I was able to get some lovely pictures... This is Cannon Park. I was told that there used to be a museum here but a fire destroyed most of the museum and instead of rebuilding it they salvaged the front entrance and turned the property into a park, this has Leslie Knope written all over it to me lol!
To my wonderful Bravo obsessed surprise my friends live on the same street, and only about 4 houses down, as Patricia Altschul, the scene stealer of one of my favorite shows Southern Charm. I tried my best to play paparazzi and get some shots of her beautiful home.
Once we got back we quickly changed into our swimsuits and hopped in the car to head to Isle of Palms for a birthday party for my friends' friend and a day at the beach. The beach house we were at was incredible! It had the perfect size pool and even had a full size sand volleyball court. I left my phone in the car so I didn't have to worry about it getting wet at the pool or beach so here's a picture of us crossing the Ravenel Bridge :)
That night we ate dinner at The Tattooed Moose and I had the Thanksgiving Sammy, if you're in Charleston go there and thank me later. Sunday before heading back to Atlanta we went to my friend Meg's salon so that she could do a quick wedding makeup trial for me. It was my first time with airbrush makeup and wowza! It's the only way to go girls! I'll spare you the "before" shot and just let you see the finished product, that stayed perfectly placed for over 10 hours when I washed it off. It made me want to test the 16 hour guarantee airbrush makeup advertises.
So there it is, my quick trip to Charleston. We loved it and can't wait to make another trip up...when it cools down a little!

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