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Wedding Wednesday: An Interview with the Soon to be Groom

Like so many brides before me my life the past year has been consumed by wedding planning. After leaving the life I knew in Orlando to start a new adventure in Oxford, Georgia with Brian I realized that if we could get through that move we could get through almost anything. Now that we are a mere two months away [on Monday] from our wedding I thought it would be fun to sit down with Brian and get his perspective with all things wedding before the true madness begins next month. I can't wait to do a post wedding interview and hear what stood out to him. So now without further adieu I present to you:   

An interview with the soon to be Mr. Jordan Kennedy...

Me: Hearts are breaking across the greater Cleveland metro area. Any final words to those ladies holding out hope on a shot with the Brian Schiffbauer Jr.? 

Brian: Hahaha no disrespect to the ladies of the 216 and 440 but I'm officially off the market and happy that I am.

Me: Speaking of the CLE area, we're getting married in your hometown...what makes our venues so special to you?

Brian: Being married in the church that my parents were married in [32 years ago] is something that is a priceless memory for my entire family. Being a north east Ohio kid my entire life having the true "you're grown up" moment where I grew up is pretty cool.  

Brian's parents' wedding at Saint Martin's

Me: Do you ever wish we would've just gotten married here in Atlanta?

Brian: The only time I wish we were getting married down here is when I see you working so hard to make the perfect wedding but you're having to do it so far away and in a place you've only been to a few times. 

Me: Our wedding colors are navy and grey with a pop of baby pink. If it would've been completely up to you what would our colors have been?

Brian: Black and yellow! Steelers style!
*Editor's note: This was the quickest response lol! Brian's grandpa played for the Steelers so he's a huge fan!

Me: What has been your favorite part of the planning process so far?
Brian: I'm going to go with the food tasting. It was fun to pick out the menu and the drinks and having my parents and brother and your mom there was great. You and I were in full agreement the entire time which was nice.

Me: On the other hand what has been your least favorite?

Brian: I think the worst part is not knowing who all is coming yet. The invitations go out soon and the waiting for the rsvp cards is going to be stressful. 

Me: I'm terrible at keeping surprises for you but we've managed to not have you see my wedding dress. Give me your best guess at what you think it looks like.

Brian: Well I know that it will be semi modest due to being married in the Catholic church but I think it will be both classic and flattering on you. I picture a dress that has some lace but not a ton, a somewhat longer train, and some type of sleeve.  

Me: Of all the details we've planned for our day what do you think is most "you"?

Brian: The venue of our reception. I mean for heaven's sake it's at a country club. 

Me: What are you most nervous for on our wedding day?

Brian: Something I have no control over and that is the weather. 

Me: Be honest...How many bridezilla moments have I had? Share your favorite if you dare. 

Brian: I'll say about 25. The biggest one was definitely when you found out there was another wedding at the church a few hours before ours.  

Me: How many times do you think I've changed my mind on wedding details? 

Brian: I would say about as many times as Obama said "change" during his presidential campaigns. 

Me: What do you think our best wedding advice has been so far and who was it given by?

Brian: "People won't care about the little details or what the place cards look like. The people who are there are the ones who love you most and they'll remember how they felt that day. Just enjoy it" Your friend Sarah (Zilch) Aluise said that to you. 

Me: Any advice to others grooms out there during the planning process?

Brian: At times your bride will be on the brink of losing her mind but it's your job is to love her, comfort, her, and acknowledge all her efforts to make this the most wonderful day of your lives.

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It's the final countdown y'all! Brian and I welcome any and all advice...what are your suggestions to keep things running smoothly during our wedding week? 




  1. This is such a cute idea and I was with ya until the Steelers comment ;) But since his grandfather played for them I will keep moving on ;) You're so close to your big day! Enjoy every moment!

  2. I love this! Such great answers!! And I love that advice from your friend - it is ABSOLUTELY true!!! Happy final few weeks of planning :)

  3. YAY! This was fantastic! Way to go Brian! :) can't wait to read the post interview too!

  4. So fun!! His answers are perfect!! :)

  5. This was such a cute way of bringing your fiance and soon to be hubby into the wedding wednesday fun. So fun to read the answers and I may try doing this with my fiance when we get closer to ours. That advice couldn't be more true, I've helped a ton of friends plan weddings and have learned priceless information and that one piece is so true.


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