Friday, September 11, 2015

Oh Hey Friday {9-11-15}

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! As each year passes this particular day always has a hold on me. When I wake up each September 11th I think about where I was on that day in 2001. I remember by 8th grade English teacher [the class I was in when the news broke] telling us that we would remember so many details of this day...what we wore, who we were with when we found out, how our parents would explain this to us and wow was she right!

I remember when I got home from school that everyone was at my house, which was very unusual. After the exchange of "what did they tell you at school" and what not I was told that this was probably the start of a war and that my cousin Jeremy was more than likely going to be headed overseas to "there." To this day it was such a difficult concept to grasp and like many I wondered why this happened. It was so unreal, I had only ever seen this kind of stuff in movies.

Now as I reflect on that terrible day I realize how close our communities became, how families stopped bickering over stupid things and began to appreciate each other, and how proud everyone was to be an American. I miss those feelings. I feel like I can't turn on the news or go online without seeing something hateful and proof of how divided our country is. I'm not starting an argument and I don't want a debate. I just wish everyone would stop for five seconds and remember how they felt at this time fourteen years ago. A time before you could express yourself and your opinions on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. A time when you realized what was truly important and stopped being so selfish and ungrateful.

Today I will be a little nice, ignore hateful posts, tell those people I love them a few more times, and hug the ones I can a little tighter. Come on America...remember how strong and loyal we can be to each other. We're so much better than how we're acting now. GBA.

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  1. Great post. It makes me sad that their is so much fighting going on in the world. I miss those days when people were kinder to each other. The world so needs more kindness.


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