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Wedding Wednesday: Why We Decided To Have An Unplugged Ceremony

Hey y'all can you believe I only have two more Wedding Wednesdays until our wedding?! I'm getting all hyped up just thinking about it! I'm so glad you stopped by as I talk about a hot button topic...the "unplugged" ceremony/wedding. I'm not going to lie, I'm completely guilty of being on my iPhone more than I should but in recent months I've really worked on being "present" in my everyday life and trying to not live on my phone. Earlier this week I posted an article on my Facebook that really struct a chord with me (and a lot of other people), you can read it HERE, and so began Brian and I's discussion on having an "unplugged ceremony." I'm sharing some photos I found on Pinterest and some of them broke my heart while others leave me asking WTF?!

When we saw the photos from that article (and online) we realized that we didn't want an album full of phones in place of faces so we tried to figure out different options...Do we ask the people on the aisle seats to not use their phones? Do we not say anything? Do we hope that people won't hold up iPads or step out in front of our photographers and videographers? Ultimately we decided what made the most sense and seemed fair to us and that was to have an unplugged ceremony.

What does an "unplugged ceremony" mean for us?

I can't speak for all brides, nor would I EVER want to but, in our case an "unplugged ceremony" means that from the moment the processional music begins until our parents exit at the recessional all phones, iPads, and cameras should be silenced and put away. We have two wonderful photographers and an amazing videographer who we're paying to capture memories that we want our guests to be present in. We know it will be rough to stay off of your phone but in return we promise to OVERSHARE all our photos and video with you. It will be a nice little vacation from your newsfeed. Instead of asking yourself "Is Donald Trump really a candidate for president?" you can ask yourself "Are those really Jordan's eyelashes?" Spoiler alert....they aren't!

I'll go ahead and say that if everyone adheres to this request I'll channel my Disney service skills and send out an official, personally autographed by the bride and groom photo of our wedding! LOL! Straight up character card style! Those of you who only know "blog Jordan" might think this is a joke but all of you who know real life Jordan will confirm that I will totally do this :)

Just replace Mickey and Minnie with us! *button not included*

I know this will upset some of our guests but think about it...15 years ago every ceremony was unplugged. I remember the details of my cousin's wedding when I was like 10 years old because I was fully present. Her dress was a halter, her hair was long and curled in the most perfect spirals, and her bridesmaids were in lavender! Yes, Duska...I remember your wedding right down to the "nickname" written on the getaway car and it's all because I was paying attention to the day and not my Tamagotchi!

Color me mortified when I saw a picture from the most recent wedding I attended, my beautiful cousin Heather's, where my phone was up in front of my face. Yep that's me on the right side of the picture looking like a prisoner to my phone, luckily I'm easy to crop out of this one but for many couples' photos that's not the case. This photo sealed it for me, I want to look up and see the people I love most faces not their phone cases....see what I did there lol. I hate that I was "that person" and I know my intentions weren't to do that so I know how easy it can be to get swept up in a moment and forget that someone is being paid big bucks to capture these moments. I'm so sorry Heather :(

Don't get me wrong, I still want y'all to break the internet with #SchiffJustGotReal and I expect you to with receiving line and reception pictures but please just do me a solid and when the processional begins put your electronics away and let my amazing paparazzi do their job. Take in the sights of my monogrammed vases, enjoy the musical styling of bad Julie Brown on the organ, smile at our wonderful wedding party as they pass and be enamored by my beauty courtesy of Meg Workman because none of those require a filter to make them #flawless. At the reception it's game on for who can blow up our hashtag the most, who knows...I might have a prize for that! As for the ceremony though please enjoy everything through your eyes instead of a lens because I'd hate to have to shoot you a famous "Jordan death stare" from the altar.

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  1. This is a FABULOUS idea!!! Although sometimes those people get some good shots, the photographers should be the ones getting them. Some of our relatives are in our photos with their phones or cameras up, and it stinks because some of the shots were ruined, or at least not nearly as good as it would have been without that happening.
    The only time I could see having others taking pictures being helpful is in the off situation when someone gets a really crummy photographer. Then there would be no back up photos from the day. But hopefully that doesn't happen often!
    Thanks for linking up (and for your sweet comment about Cooper--I tried to respond but you had a no-reply comment for your email address)

  2. This made me go back just now and look at my wedding photos.. I guess my photographer did a good job because I only saw one picture with one guest taking phone pics. Besides my grandpa, who can be seen videoing the entire ceremony on his iPad haha.. but he would've been the one 20 years ago with a camcorder the whole time so I guess better than that ;) Anyway, I think this is a great idea!

  3. I think unplugged ceremonies are a great idea. They really help everyone to be present in the moment. I didn't worry about it with mine since we were outside so I knew it wouldn't impact the photographer. When I look back at my pictures, I don't see any phones (thankfully) and I remember walking down the aisle and looking at everyones faces. It's such a special moment, you want it to be perfect and if this makes it perfect for you then I think it's a great choice. :)

  4. This is something I never thought of but it is a really good idea. Although, I'm sure it will upset some people. The last wedding I went to, I don't remember anyone taking out their cell phones to take pictures. But then again, it was in a church so maybe that is why? Not really sure. One wedding I went to, at the reception, they had Polaroid camera's and film at every table and everyone could take as many pictures as they want and keep them or give them to the couple. I thought that was a great idea. It actually was the last time I saw my Great-Grandfather before he passed away and I absolutely treasure those pictures. There also was a professional photographer too. My cousin was kind enough to send us all pictures of wedding afterwards too which was super cool too.

  5. This is a really great post. There are so many positives to having an unplugged ceremony, but in the end we decided not too. One of my Husbands grandparents wasn't able to make it to our wedding so we wanted her to have photos right away. Thankfully, our photos weren't messed up by it and some of our guests got some really cute photos that our photographer either didn't or was at a different angle. This is absolutely something I recommend my clients to think about though.

  6. I think this is a great idea! Where we got married, phones are not allowed because of the sacred nature of the location, but this is something that I think is smart to think about!

  7. Love this and want to apply this to many other areas of life! My father was in the front row and recorded our entire ceremony on his phone. He thought he was doing a great thing, but we paid a professional to do this and my dad's video just looks like crap. My biggest worry is that he missed out on really experiencing the ceremony. I hope more people catch on to this without needing to be told.

  8. I have been harping on this since before we were even engaged. (I literally was prepared to write about it today but work quickly took over :/) I think I actually stumbled across that same article at some point. Part of it is because I want people to be in the moment, but a lot of of it has to do with the types of pictures you've shown- they're literally ruined by everyone else trying to get that "perfect shot." How are you planning to make guests aware? I was thinking about putting something on our website for sure, but I know not everyone looks there - I can't decide if I want it in the actual program or not.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love this idea! I never considered it or even thought of this! Love it!
    Trish - tales from trish

  10. What a fab idea!! So needed nowadays! Thanks for linking up with us today! xo

  11. Oh my gosh only two more weeks!! Wow, you know I have seen things were it says "unplugged" ceremony and such and never really understood what it meant. You truly opened my eyes to what it means to be "unplugged". I am definitely going to talk to my fiancé about and I am totally on board with an "unplugged" ceremony. Thank you son much for sharing!

    1. Also totally chuckled out loud at the tamagotchi reference!!

  12. Yay for only two weeks left! I love the idea of an unplugged ceremony! I never thought about how smartphones could get in the photos!

  13. Good for you to make this decision! Honestly, we didn't say anything about an "unplugged ceremony," but since we had our wedding in a church, mostly everyone was courteous and I didn't see any cameras or phone out during the ceremony. I like your autographed photo idea - haha! We did thank you cards with a photo of us on the front, holding a "thank you" sign, so everyone still got a photo of us. Plus, lots of people took photos at the reception (as witnessed by our wedding hashtag). Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. that's something i have never thought of, but makes total sense. i would want that too. i wouldn't care at the reception maybe, but not during the ceremony!


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