Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: The Groom Takes Over

In an effort to allow my bride to focus on Saturday, I, the groom, have decided to take over this week.  I promise Jordan will be back next week so bear with me as I write my first ever blog post….Here it goes…

“When you know, you know.”  That was a line I must have used literally 500 times to describe why and how I was able to make the biggest decision of my life after just seven months of “officially” dating my bride-to-be.  As some of you may know, Jordan and I started talking via Facebook in July 2013 and met for the first time in late August.  I was as nervous as I possibly could be and even had to change shirts after the flight to Orlando because well….I’ll just blame it on the humidity.  The first time I saw her, between the awkward hug and the zero personality I showed during dinner with her and her friends, I was awestruck.  She was and still is a beautiful woman that just makes everyone smile and laugh until it hurts.  Of course I was too busy rehydrating from the “humidity” and being a complete dud to be captured by the smiles and laughter.  I knew that things were off to a rough start and of course thinking I already blew my opportunity, I was pretty quiet the entire 25-minute drive to her house, which felt like 2 hours.  Erika, who introduced us and came with me on the trip, was supportive, but I think even in the back of her mind she was thinking that I had squandered away this opportunity.  The next morning in an attempt to get back into the good graces, I did what every man should do; get her and her roommates Starbucks.  Later that day we headed to the parks and maybe it was my childish reactions to everything Disney that melted her heart…or made her feeling sorry for me being 26 years old and still enthralled by things meant for 5-10 year olds, but either way she made me feel an excitement and suddenly a good nervousness that I had never felt before.  We watched fireworks under the stars at Epcot and as they began I started to video them and she swiftly took the phone out of my hand and said, “No.  You watch them and I’ll record.”  The thing was, I watched them for about 15 seconds and the rest of the time I tried to steal looks at her and of course playing the game to not let her see me.  It was at that very moment that I just “knew.” 

 My first ride at Disney, selected by Jordan.

The first, of many, Rosa Regale toasts.

It is now 2 years, 1 month, and 3 weeks later.    We are preparing for the biggest day of our lives in just 3 days and I’m trying to wrap my head around the flurry of events we’ve already experienced and the ones that lie before us.  Our move to Atlanta was tough at times and tested our relationship along the way, the planning of this wedding was the one constant that we would look forward to, put our tribulations aside, and just talk about things sometimes as small as ‘what candy to have’ and as big as, ‘who do we invite?’  Everyone asks, “Are you nervous?”  My reply is always the same, “Not at all about who I’m marrying, just about the things I can’t control.”  Jordan has planned a beautiful wedding and the things we can control, I don’t stress about because she has an answer and emergency plan for everything (I feel like that will be a trend in our marriage).    
I am a blessed man.  Truly blessed.  Not only do I have a wonderful woman by my side, but I have the upbringing of the two best role models a guy could ask for.  This past June, my parents celebrated 33 years of marriage and recently a close friend and pseudo family member told me, “I saw your Dad today and we got to talking about your parent’s new camper and he said “all I want is to make Laura (my mom) happy.”  My parents have overcome a lot in their marriage as most couples do, but they were always a rock for my brother and me.  My parents were dating seven weeks before they got engaged so I knew just who to call when I knew Jordan was “the one.”  I asked my Dad if I was crazy for falling so quickly for a girl 700 miles away and he promptly said, “No.  Because I knew with your mother and I wouldn’t let anything get in my way” (Even my 6 ‘4” 275lb NFL alumnus grandfather). He was determined.  For me, if I wanted Jordan I needed to be there for her and support her just as if I was in Orlando with her, so I vowed to always support, care, and strive to make her smile and laugh…unlike I did the first time I met her.  I can’t wait to make that vow official on Saturday. 

Our first Christmas together was spent at Disney.

In closing, for all future grooms, this is a day that we probably started thinking about shortly after we dropped to one knee. However, for our other half, this is a day they have thought about and imagined since the age they probably first scraped their knee. Respect their vision, listen when they want to talk, and as Jordan says, “be in the moment.”  It goes a long way.   It is our job to love and support them, through times such as the day they find THE dress, but also through the days when they find out that a loved one won’t be coming to the wedding or that planning a wedding 775 miles away may be just the most frustrating task of all-time…Okay maybe that last one only applies to .01% of you.  However, if we can’t handle and support them at the worst of times, we don’t deserve our brides in the best of times.  Thanks for reading this week and don’t forget to follow our hashtag #SchiffJustGotReal on all major social media!  See you at the altar!!!


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  1. This is seriously the sweetest thing, reading it gave me chills, especially since it was coming from the groom-to-be! I cannot wait to see and hear more about your wedding :)!!

  2. This is absolutely adorable! What an awesome idea! HAPPY WEDDING WEEK!! I can not wait to stalk your photos. <3

  3. Superb wedding photos. My cousin is getting married with my best friend and I have been planning combined wedding shower for the couple. First of all I would book one of the best rooftop Chicago event venues for this bash and then will decide on the theme.


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