Monday, February 15, 2016

In case you haven't heard...

In case you don't follow me on social media I have to tell you why my friends and family are freaking out like this... because of this...

That's right y'all. Brian and I are expecting our first child this August. We made the announcement on social media last Sunday (February 7th) on Brian's birthday. A bunch of people have been asking a tons of questions about everything so I figured a little rundown on here would help answer a lot of those burning questions.

When did you find out you were pregnant?

The day after Christmas. We were still in Cleveland for the holiday and we found out right before going to Brian's 10 year high school reunion. One of his best friend's (and groomsmen) guessed that I was even though we hadn't said anything solely based on the fact that I didn't order a Bud Light as soon as we walked in.

How far along are you and what's your due date?

Currently 12 weeks and August 29th, the day before my mom's birthday.

How have you been feeling?

I'll be honest and let you know that I have feel like complete sh*t! I hear that's typical for the first trimester. I've been extremely tired and feel nauseous all day long. When friends (that have never been pregnant) ask to me describe the best explanation I have is that I've felt like I've been hungover for two solid months. I'm just now creeping into my second trimester and am already feeling better so I'm pretty pumped about that!

Have you had any weird cravings?

Not really, which surprised me. I've had a ton of food aversions so when I find something that settles well with me I stick to it. Fruit has been the thing that has gotten me through, lots of watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries. Cold cereal has been a good "meal" for me too. Some of my favorite foods have made me ill merely by the smell of them.

I feel like EVERYONE you know is pregnant! Did you know about them?

I have to agree! If you have several mutual friends with me on Facebook you'd think we all made a pregnancy pact or something. The following friends of mine are also due in August...Lauren, Jessie, and Sarah who are all friends form home and my friend Natalie (as well as another friend who hasn't made it public yet) from Disney. The only  one I knew about what my friend Sarah's she told me a week before they made it public knowledge. It's so great to know that there are other people who know exactly what you're going through.  

Do you want to find out the gender and do you have a preference?

Hell yes! We'd drive ourselves crazy if we tried to wait until the birth to find out and gender neutral have been pretty much non-existent everywhere we've looked. My preference is a girl but I'm not going to be heartbroken if it's a boy though. Hopefully we will be able to find out what we're having before our trip to Disney in April so we can do a cute gender reveal there!

Are you still going to go on the honeymoon you had planned? 

Yes we are! We've talked with my doctors and they said I'm all set to go. I will be in my second trimester then so it's the best time to travel during pregnancy because you aren't as tired or sickly as you are in the first and third trimesters. We're going to London and Paris at the end of April. The only thing I'm upset about is not being able to ride Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris because it goes upside down. Oh well! I guess we'll have to make a trip back so I can ride all the attractions at DLP and chug champagne in the streets of Paris.

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  1. YAY!! I was wondering when you were going to announce on the blog! So excited!!!!!! :)

  2. YAY! So exciting, congrats!!

  3. I am so obsessed with this post! I can't wait until you feel better. That is when I started to love being pregnant!!!! I cannot wait to find out the gender either!!!

  4. Congratulations!!! :) So exciting!!!!

  5. Congratulations! What an exciting post! :)

    Amy @

  6. I somehow missed this!! CONGRATS!! I am so excited for the three of you :)

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