Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Pre-Ceremony Portraits

Happy Wedding Wednesday y'all! If you stopped by last week you saw some of our first look photos and if you didn't go check them out! Anyway, one of the main reasons we decided to do a first look was so that we could also get some pre-ceremony photos with our entire wedding party at the beautiful Lake Erie College spots I feel in love with a month before. Boy am I glad we did! I can't remember if I've mentioned it but on our October 17th wedding day in Cleveland, Ohio the morning started off sunny and bright like summertime (as you'll see in these first photos), then shifted to a breezy autumn day, when we were arriving at the church it began to rain like the springtime, and on the way to our reception it began to SNOW!!! No joke you guys...we experienced all four seasons on our wedding day and it was kind of magical. Now onto our pre-ceremony portraits all courtesy of  Arastasia Photography...

The entire wedding party!

...another one for good measure

this is one of my very favorites

All the guys, my friend Justin's face in this kills me lol

The 5 of us have a tradition taking this picture, I'll share the others another day

The next photos were taken inside the social parlor that served as our "rain location" but I loved it so much we did pictures in there anyway. I felt it was southern charm in a northern place. Looking back I wish we would taken a few more here because they turned out so wonderful. I have some bridal shots of just me that I will share in another post. 

My full bridal party with house party and bridesmaids

My house party

My bridesmaids

Brian and his groomsmen

I loved how these photos turned out and they eased my mind so much knowing that even if the weather took a turn for the worse (and it did) that we got some great shots before everyone's hair started to fall and look a hot mess. Well I'm signing off today so make sure to stop by the Wedding Wednesday and What's HaPinning for more great blog posts. Thanks for reading.


  1. GIRL! You seriously looked stunning!! So did everyone else- you have one beautiful wedding party! Love these photos

  2. These are so beautiful. Everyone looks amazing!

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