Thursday, March 31, 2016

30 by 30

Today I am officially two years away from the big 3-0...Happy Birthday to me! I had thought about doing a list like this and when I saw my friend Kathleen posted one today I thought it was absolutely something worth doing. Here are 30 things I want to do before I'm 30!

1. Go on a dream vacation to Europe.

2. Give birth...there's no turning back now lol!

3. Move from Atlanta. We've been here nearly two years and it just doesn't feel like home. We need to take the plunge and work towards making this a reality.

4. Go to Disneyland in California!

5. Run a half marathon. I've had so many friends accomplish this and I want to give it a shot.

6. Learn to cook some of our favorite German food.

7. Attend a Steelers game at Heinz Field with my husband and my brother-in-law.

8. Meet my Dominican cousins that found my sister and I.

9. Visit the Dominican Republic with my sister and the cousins mentioned above.

10. Grow my own hydrangeas.

11. Take our baby to Walt Disney World with our parents.

12. Pet a baby elephant, tiger, or lion.

13. Treat my mom to something super special for her 50th birthday next year.

14. Go to Vegas! I've never been and my husband loves it there and is dying to take me.

15. Write more on this little ole blog.

16. Host Easter dinner at our house.

17. Do something that scares me like zip lining or whitewater rafting.

18. Surprise my husband. We are both terrible at keeping secrets form each other but he has managed to surprise me a few times. I want to give him a surprise that he will love.

19. Swim in Lake Erie.

20. See Niagara Falls.

21. Play a full game of golf with my husband. I'm a bit ashamed of this one considering I'm married to a college golf coach.

22. Go camping with my in-laws.

23. Drink around the world at Epcot with my finally legal sister, Larissa.

24. Make a new family tradition.

25. Forgive someone who doesn't deserve it.

26. See a live taping of a tv show...whether it's Jeopardy, The Price Is Right, Jimmy Fallon or SNL, this needs to happen.

27. Learn calligraphy...luckily my mother-in-law can teach me.

28. Do a keg stand. Even though I went to a top 3 party school I have never did this!

29. Visit a state I've never been to before.

30. Make sure to embrace the people who love me and let them know I love them too!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

5 Reasons I'm Excited About this Weekend...

This Thursday, March 31st, is my birthday so we decided to celebrate my last birthday before I become a mom at where other than...Walt Disney World! If you've read my "about me" or know me personally, you know that I worked for Disney for five years. I left the company in June 2014 to move to Atlanta with my then fiance, now husband Brian. I miss Disney a lot, especially when I'm having rough days at work because even if it was a not so good day at work at Disney I was surrounded by people who made me feel valued and made me laugh from the moment my shift started until it ended. There are so many reasons to be pumped about a trip to Disney but here are my top five...

Seeing and catching up my Disney family

My birthday celebration a few years ago

I'm so excited to see as many friends as possible. We are only going to be there three days but you better believe I'm making the most of my time with some of the most wonderful people on the planet. I'll be with people who get me and truly love me for exactly who am I and that's a beautiful thing. We talk and text often but seeing them in person is sooo much better!

That my mom will be joining us

We had talked about her coming with us for a while but last week we made it official. She will be driving from WV to GA on Thursday and flying to Orlando with us at the crack of dawn on Friday morning. She's a big Disney fan so she's excited to be at one of her favorite places with two (well three kinda) of her favorite people!

It's Flower and Garden time

I'm excited to be going during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Epcot was my home park and I love every bit of it especially during festivals! A few years ago they brought in the outdoor kitchens used during the ultra popular Food and Wine festival and now it's like having two Food and Wine's but one with gorgeous flowers and topiaries around the park. I'm headed straight for the frushi (fruit sushi) in Japan and a wild violet lemonade.

The food...duh

Be Our Guest via

Calories don't count at Disney...especially when you're pregnant! I'm ready for some amazing food! We have lunch reservations for Be Our Guest, which my mom and Brian have never been to, and will be having dinner at my favorite restaurant, Ohana at Disney's Polynesian. Food comas for all! And lastly I'm so excited...

To do our gender reveal!

That's right people, the world will be finding out if Baby Schiffbauer is a boy or girl this weekend! I would love to announce it the day we get there but that would be on April Fool's and we don't want people to think we're trying to pull one over on them so Saturday shall be the day! So if you're interested in knowing if we're having a prince or princess stayed tuned on my Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to follow along on our adventures follow me on snapchat, username: j0rdashian. I'd love to hear what you think we're having! Comment below with your guess of a boy or a girl! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Our Ceremony

Hi and welcome to Wedding Wednesday! If you followed our wedding planning process you know that we had a traditional Catholic wedding mass. If you haven't read my post Advice for the Catholic Bride you should really check it out even if you aren't Catholic because I had so many people reach out and say how much they learned about Catholic weddings from the post. To be honest it's one of my favorites because I interviewed three of my lovely sorority sisters for it. We also made the decision to have an unplugged ceremony (you can read why HERE) which I know our photographer Arastasia loved, enjoy the photos she captured so wonderfully. 

The back of our wedding programs that let our guests know it was a device free service

Now on to our wedding mass. It was held at Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Maple Heights, Ohio and is the same church that Brian's parents were married. Our processional music started with "The Ash Grove" which was the school hymn of Brian's alma mater, Lake Erie College. One of the cutest moments was when our flower girls got to the end of the aisle they took their remaining petals and threw them in the air in true Lebron Cleveland fashion. I walked in with my mom to "The Shaker Hymn" or as us Mountaineers better know it as "Simple Gifts." I have adored this song since my childhood because my grandma used to play it for me and then when I got to college WVU's marching band plays it in early pregame performance. It usually strikes a chord with WVU alumni when we hear it so when it started to play I saw a couple people's faces light up and it was such a special memory. 

I will never forget this walk as long as I live. It is the most incredible feeling seeing everyone you love most all in one place celebrating love. The looks and moments shared with our guests (especially my friends and family) were nothing short of magic. 

Father Lou was so wonderful

Our first reading was by my friend, Erin and the second reading was by my friend, Stacy. Stacy got married six months before we did and I read the same reading at her wedding mass, it's a passage near and dear to our hearts from our sorority days. 

Look at the beautiful wedding party!

Praying to Saint Mary for children...she answers quickly lol

And you have it folks! Thank you to all of our guests for unplugging for our long wedding mass and for giving us some of the most amazing memories. Until next time!