Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Our Ceremony

Hi and welcome to Wedding Wednesday! If you followed our wedding planning process you know that we had a traditional Catholic wedding mass. If you haven't read my post Advice for the Catholic Bride you should really check it out even if you aren't Catholic because I had so many people reach out and say how much they learned about Catholic weddings from the post. To be honest it's one of my favorites because I interviewed three of my lovely sorority sisters for it. We also made the decision to have an unplugged ceremony (you can read why HERE) which I know our photographer Arastasia loved, enjoy the photos she captured so wonderfully. 

The back of our wedding programs that let our guests know it was a device free service

Now on to our wedding mass. It was held at Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Maple Heights, Ohio and is the same church that Brian's parents were married. Our processional music started with "The Ash Grove" which was the school hymn of Brian's alma mater, Lake Erie College. One of the cutest moments was when our flower girls got to the end of the aisle they took their remaining petals and threw them in the air in true Lebron Cleveland fashion. I walked in with my mom to "The Shaker Hymn" or as us Mountaineers better know it as "Simple Gifts." I have adored this song since my childhood because my grandma used to play it for me and then when I got to college WVU's marching band plays it in early pregame performance. It usually strikes a chord with WVU alumni when we hear it so when it started to play I saw a couple people's faces light up and it was such a special memory. 

I will never forget this walk as long as I live. It is the most incredible feeling seeing everyone you love most all in one place celebrating love. The looks and moments shared with our guests (especially my friends and family) were nothing short of magic. 

Father Lou was so wonderful

Our first reading was by my friend, Erin and the second reading was by my friend, Stacy. Stacy got married six months before we did and I read the same reading at her wedding mass, it's a passage near and dear to our hearts from our sorority days. 

Look at the beautiful wedding party!

Praying to Saint Mary for children...she answers quickly lol

And you have it folks! Thank you to all of our guests for unplugging for our long wedding mass and for giving us some of the most amazing memories. Until next time!


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! You looked incredible and the church is stunning. Having a unplugged ceremony is so smart.

  2. These photos are absolutely gorgeous girl!! I just read the post before this about you guys being pregnant, eek yay!!!! Your due date is on my birthday, so I may be bias saying it's a wonderful day to be born on ;)!!!

  3. The church is beautiful! The photo of the flower girls & ring bearer is so cute : )

  4. One of my favorite days of 2015! You looked fierce, the ceremony was gorgeous, and the reception was too much fun. Can't wait to see the dancing pics next--though I should probably be scared. Love you!!

  5. The wedding team was very supportive. The Chicago wedding venues had everything a girl might need. I highly recommend getting ready in the bridal suite. They lit the fireplaces and the views from the suite were exceptional.

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