Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our Last Visit to Disney Without a Stroller

This past weekend we visited my old stomping grounds of Walt Disney World. We knew that this was going to be the start of very different Disney trips for us but, we wanted to go to the place we fell in love one last time before the baby arrives.

Friday morning we made it on our 6:00am flight by the skin of our teeth because the Atlanta airport thinks it cool to have two metal detectors operating for the entire north terminal. After we ran like Macaulay Culkin to our gate we used our one hour flight to prepare for our day in the parks. We utilized Disney's Magical Express to our resort, where we quickly checked in and left our bags with bell services before hopping on a bus to the parks.

Our day started at Magic Kingdom where I had made a reservation for lunch at Be Our Guest. I have dined there but neither Brian nor my mom had so it was exciting for me to see them experience it. If you haven't been there I highly suggest it. Lunch is consider "fast casual" so you get the quick service price range with the table service experience. Brian and my mom were so surprised when our food was brought to us on real plates. I opted for the "order ahead" service and placed everyone's order a week in advance so all we had to do was pay and find our table. I loved that option and even if we decided when we got there we wanted different items we could have switched. Here are some photos I took at's very dark in the restaurant so my apologies for the dim photos.

The Grand Ballroom Dining Area

If you look through the windows you'll see snow falling. 

The center of the Library area we dined in. 

My wonderful carved turkey sandwich.

My birthday cupcake topped with "grey stuff."

Once we finished with lunch we walked around the park scooping out places for our gender reveal pictures, that you can see HERE, while enjoying a couple rides in between. Most importantly though we got our favorite Disney treat...Dole Whips!!!

Around 3:00 I got the text that our room was ready and since the 90 degree heat had worn us down we decided to go back to the hotel for showers and naps. Once we got to the hotel I hit a wall, I was so exhausted and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed but, didn't want to ruin the day for Brian and my mom. We had originally planned to go to Epcot and walk around World Showcase to sample some of the goodies for Flower and Garden but, the thought of dealing with festivals crowds sober made me want to crawl under a rock. We decided to head to Hollywood Studios instead. I was ready to give another park a shot with my iced chai from Starbucks in hand but, that was very short lived. We only went on the Great Movie Ride before I began to feel very bad. We ended up going back to the hotel for the rest of the night. I was so disappointed in myself. I guess the former tour guide in me thought that if I could walk around for hours in dress shoes and head to toe polyester one day in the park pregnant would be a breeze. We settled in for the evening and after dinner Brian and I swam for a little bit and were able to watch the fireworks in the pool. 

The next morning Brian and I woke up and went to the dining hall in our hotel for breakfast. Our food was wonderful. All breakfast food has been good to me my entire pregnancy so I was very happy to get to breakfast. Brian got a pop-tart sandwich (eggs, cheese, and bacon between two pop-tarts) and I got a waffle platter. 

We lounged, because it was raining a lot of the day, met up with my friends Katie and Brandon, and lounged some more. That night I had made a reservation for dinner at my favorite Disney restaurant, 'Ohana. My friends Josh, Leanna, and Natalie (she's pregnant too) joined us for a meal we all had been texting about for a week. While we were waiting for our table we exchanged gifts. I had gotten Natalie some outfits for her baby girl. Natalie got our baby an adorable golf outfit and the Boppy pillow and case from our registry and Leanna got us an adorable Ralph Lauren outfit for the baby. We were seated right before Magic Kingdom's fireworks started so we were able to enjoy them, music and all, without the crowds. We went through two servings of pot stickers and didn't even blink.  

We were some of the last guests in the restaurant because we got so caught up in our gossip and Real Housewives convos. Luckily I get to see them next weekend too because I'm going back to Orlando for Natalie's baby shower! 

Our last day, Sunday, was spent at the pool with our friend Katie before getting lunch and catching our shuttle back to the airport at 3:30. The weekend was very busy but very fun. I think it's safe to say going to Disney while pregnant is not the easiest thing but it is possible. Later I'll share some tips from what I learned to hopefully help some other mommas out in the future. Thanks for reading!


  1. Reading about every thing you did made ME tired, and I'm not even pregnant! So glad you were still able to enjoy your trip!

    1. LOL! Thank you! If we decide to have another little one after this one I will probably only go again while pregnant if it's during the Fall/Winter bc it was totally the heat that killed me.

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