Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby {Shower} Fever

Everyday something happens that makes us even more excited to be parents and makes us realize this whole baby thing is actually happening. Currently our baby excitement is due to our upcoming baby shower in West Virginia hosted by my mom and Brian's mom. I had so much fun at my bridal shower last year that the thought of a baby shower makes me burst with joy!

We created our REGISTRY at my favorite place, Target! We figured this was the best option for us because there are Target stores everywhere, unlike BuyBuyBaby and Babies R' Us which are pretty scarce in good ole West Virginia. It was so much fun picking out the items we want and it was a first for us both since we opted for a Honeyfund registry for our wedding instead of a traditional registry...still the best wedding decision we made! Here are a few items I'm totally in love with and hope we unwrap at the shower!

(1) The Baby Bullet that I promise to use (2) The Sophia teething toy that everyone raves about (3) The rocker of my dreams, boy is this thing comfy (4) A pacifier that is a thermometer too (5) The grass drying rack that I've been obsessed with since I bought it for my friend Natalie, love the little tree drying accessories (6) The chic "it's doesn't look like a diaper bag" diaper bag 

People have said they were surprised we only registered at one place so to broaden the gift options I thought I'd share some alternative gift ideas (links included wink wink) that aren't on our registry but would be put to excellent use in case anyone wants to do something a little different...
  • An Etsy gift card would be super helpful. I tried to be crafty and make my own hairbows but they were a total Pinterest fail so why not support some small-ish business and just buy ones that actually look like they're supposed to. We could even use it for some precious art pieces for her nursery. 
  • A prepaid photo session with our favorite gal at Arastasia Photography. Whether it's our newborn session, baby's baptism, or our first family Christmas photos this is a wonderful gift that we will treasure forever!
  • Help some first time parents out with a worry free set of meals from Blue Apron. We have used this service before when my Zellmer family gave it to us as a Christmas gift and man did we love it. It's wonderful to have everything perfectly portioned out to make an easy, healthy, and delicious meal.
  • Do the general public a solid and keep them from seeing me at the store buying diapers looking like I belong on the "people of Walmart" instagram by gifting us a diaper and wipe subscription from The Honest Company. This is a great option for people wanting to go in on a gift together.
We can not wait to see everyone at our baby shower and are even more excited to meet our little girl in a few short months. Oh and one more thing! People have been asking us (and all other pregnant people I'm sure lol) if we have a name. We do have a name, but due to my lack of ability to not fly off the handle with unwarranted opinions, we have decided to share her name once when she is born. We will however share her initials for monogram purposes if your heart is set on a personalized gift, just message me and I will send you her monogram...but know that you will truly only be given her initials and I'll be expecting something adorable and monogrammed LOL!

As always thanks for reading and see you next time!

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