Friday, June 10, 2016

Two {trimesters} Down & One To Go

I have officially crossed over into the last trimester of my first pregnancy. Those first two trimesters were filled with nerves and fear but they absolutely flew by for us. I say "us" not to be annoying or pretentious but, to let everyone reading this to know that this pregnancy has been a team effort from the moment we saw those two little pink lines staring back at us. I can say with no reservation that I could not have gotten through this pregnancy without Brian. He goes out of his way every minute of the day to try to make sure I'm as comfortable and content as possible and never complains to me when I'm being a total monster. He has been to every single appointment and ultrasound with a big grin on his face, has read and researched all things pregnancy far more than I have, said that if I couldn't drink neither could he (with the exception of the glass of wine I forced him to have when we ate lunch in the Eiffel Tower), and has calmed every fear I've had about becoming a mother. The man deserves a medal for everything he's done and until I get around to that I just had to sing his praises here. With all that being said I wanted to have Brian answer the questions for the second trimester recap while you all get to enjoy our favorite shots from our maternity session in Paris at the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum captured by the wildly talented Federico at iHeartParis Photography, who you should most definitely hire if you ever find yourself in the city of lights.

How has the second trimester differed from the first?

B: I think we both became more educated about the pregnancy and instead of being nervous about what was to come we began to embrace and anticipate the pregnancy milestones. Your energy level was much better during the second trimester but you became more needy.

What would you say have been my food cravings and aversions?

B: Cravings have been fruity peebles, magnum ice cream bars, and Arby's. Aversions have been onions, spicy food, duck (when I get it), and raspberry macaroons...which you found out the hard way in Paris.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard was it to agree on a name.

B: I would say a one for a first name and an eight for the middle name. It took us a while to agree on a middle name for her.

What is the favorite thing you've bought her so far?

B: The baby Bjorn because I'll get to carry her around in it and her dresser I got for her nursery.

How do you think I did traveling to Europe while pregnant?

B: You far exceeded my expectations and I was so proud of how you kept a good energy level the whole time. I like that you embraced being pregnant, I was worried you wouldn't want to show in pictures that you were pregnant but you very proud of your bump. You did a lot better with the high amount of walking than I thought you would and I felt like you still enjoyed yourself except for when you saw that champagne bar in Harrod's.

Where do you think we should take the baby on her first trip?

B: Back to where it all began for us, so obviously Disneyworld will be her first trip.

What has been your favorite memory during this trimester?

B: Without a doubt feeling her kick for the first time ever in London. It completely caught me off guard and melted my heart. *Note from Jordan: this "first kick for dad" was felt after we enjoyed afternoon tea at Kensington Palace...she's not going to be a princess at all right?!*

The second trimester has definitely been kind to me.  Now that I'm in my third and last trimester I'm wondering if I should've used some of that "nesting" energy in setting up a nursery instead of traveling but that ship has sailed. These past few months have been filled with memories I'll never forget like feeling her kick for the first time, my bump finally making a proper appearance, and finally settling on a name for our little girl. A part of me is really going to miss being pregnant with her. Feeling her move around to let me know that she's still there is so sweet and the excuse to be tired and moody at work with little judgement from coworkers will be sorely missed. I know when she gets here I will like that much more but still it's nice to have her all to myself for the time being. Here's to the last couple of months of pregnancy, trying to keep cool in the Georgia heat, fun baby showers (in West Virginia and Florida), and soaking up all the knowledge I can in our baby classes next month.

Thanks for stopping and here's the link to our registry that some of you have asked for... Click HERE for our Baby Registry. West Virginia people I'll see you next weekend and Florida friends I'll see you July 4th weekend!


  1. You look amazing!! I'm impressed that you explored Europe while pregnant.. when we were on our honeymoon I was 4.5 months pregnant and it was HARD to keep up haha. She'll be here before you know it. Enjoy these last few months being pregnant.. you probably will miss it but of course having her in your arms will be the best thing ever =)

  2. What beautiful photos! Best of luck on the final trimester! xx Rox-Anne,


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