Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our First Month

I seriously can not believe Brynn made her grand debut a month ago! So much has happened in the past thirty days. The day after we brought her home we were sent back to the hospital for what turned out to be absolutely nothing, Silver lining is we found out that even though she was preterm she is a super strong and healthy little girl. I'll hold onto that rather than hold the memories of what pure hell those few days were. Now on to what we've learned about Brynn in her first month...

She is a great eater and nursing has come naturally to both she and I, so we are very lucky. If I don't start feeding her as soon as she starts rooting, homegirl gets hangryyy! I can't blame her though...we've all been there.

She hates having her diaper changed like screaming bloody murder hates it...but she does love it once she has a clean diaper on. 

The dogs love her. Mainly Mulligan, he's so protective of her and comes running to her as soon as she cries. 

She loves taking walks with daddy.

She's not a huge fan of swaddling but does like to be cuddled and skin to skin is her favorite.

When we've taken her out to dinner and shopping she has done great so hopefully that sticks and she can be my little shopping buddy.

She looks just like I did as a baby and everyone says she's my twin. I agree, but I do think she has Brian's eyes and I feel like they're going to stay blue. 

She was in preemie clothes for the first few weeks, but is finally wearing newborn clothes and is fitting into some 0-3 months items.

She loves her MAM pacifiers and we're calling them her "bunnies" because the first one she ever took has a bunny on it. 

This month has been filled with smiles and tears but has been the best month of our lives. It's truly amazing how much this little girl has changed our world. We have been consumed by love and every time I see Brian look at her I melt. He is such an amazing father and husband. I could not have gotten through pregnancy, labor, or this past month without him. I can't wait to what the future holds for our little family. As for now I'll soak up every cuddle, kiss her tiny face, smell her little head, and enjoy every precious second of being a new mom.


  1. She is adorable!! And can't believe she's almost 2 months now - time flies!!!

  2. YOur little girl is so adorable and beautiful. Her pictures are lovely. Yes, this is the story of every child in the world, they hate to wear pampers and cry for no reason but they make your life wortrhwhile.


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