Sunday, October 30, 2016

Three Months of Brynn

Another month has passed and so much has happened. Mommy has gone back to work, your grandma Lo and Poppa B came to Georgia to watch you, daddy is staying home with you thanks to his paternity leave, Mommy left you for the first time to go see her friends in Florida, and you visited West Virginia for the first time. Now to share some of our favorite memories...

Adorable Minnie ears by Oh Toodles Ears

It's funny how much you have your Poppa B wrapped around your little finger. When he found out you were a girl he said he didn't know what he was going to do with a girl but he's doing great. You love pulling on his beard and often make the motion of grabbing a beard on your daddy and then get upset when there's nothing there. You are still so happy when you wake up in the morning and that's what I miss most from maternity leave. You are so strong and love to "stand" when me or daddy hold you up and we think you might be a swimmer because you love kicking your legs in the water.

You still love bath time, your MAM pacifier, and your swing. Your new loves are tummy time, your activity mat, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the lamb blanket from KK, and taking walks with daddy. You are a good little sleeper and eater which we are super thankful for. Tomorrow you will celebrate your first Halloween and next month you will enjoy your first Thanksgiving in Cleveland!

You have officially grown from a newborn to an infant. You were so tiny when you were born that I was afraid you would have a hard time growing but you are right where you need to be and wearing 3 month size clothes. You are so good with wearing headbands and I hope you keep that trait. You are starting to look more like your daddy but still have mommy's nose. You love to "talk" and are such a giggly little girl. We love seeing your little personality develop each and everyday and can't wait to see how you change from 3 months to 4 months.

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