Thursday, October 6, 2016

Two Months of Brynn

Yesterday we took you for your two month checkup and shots. You will always be tiny but mighty to us. You've grown two and a half inches and have gained three pounds, which makes mommy feel a lot better. We love seeing you grow but hate how fast time is passing. Your second month of life was filled with so many memories and here are our favorites...

Your "2" is made from Buckeyes your cousin Kate collected for you at Cook Forest

You mean mug like me and smile and laugh like your daddy. Most of the time you resemble me more but every now and then you look so much like your daddy did as a baby.

So many "firsts" happened this month, here are a few: your first "coos", giggles, watching myself and your daddy walk across the room, rolling over from your back to your belly, holding your head up for an extended period of time and turning your little head, your first flight (which you did amazing on, slept almost the entire time and didn't make a peep!), your first Cook Forest, PA trip, staying at your Grandma Lo and Poppa B's house, and meeting so many of your daddy's family and friends for the first time.

 Seneca Point at Cook Forest with daddy

Meeting your great grandparents

You love your swing, Boppy pillow when you are eating, baths, MAM pacifiers (which we call your "bunnies" or "birdies"), comfy sleepers, walks with daddy, watching Bravo with mommy, and your bassinet because it vibrates.

As I type this I'm watching you smile in your swing and crying like a baby because you are so beautiful. Daddy turned on the music on your swing and "Simple Gifts" started playing which is what I walked down the aisle to and seeing you grin and laugh as it plays is so special. We're doing our very best to cherish each moment with you because, like everyone says, it's flying by. We love you so much mouse!

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