Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Four Months of Brynn

It seems like each month passes faster and faster as you continue to grow and our family is getting busier and busier which is why this post is late. We're doing our best to savor each moment with you while we fondly remember "how things were" in the beginning and celebrate all the new "how things are" with you. Here are some things that happened this month...

You have started to eat less times each day but eat more during each feeding.You are still waking up one to two times a night to eat but I feel like pretty soon it's only going to be one time a night. Daddy has gotten you on a solid morning routine which consists of you seeing me off to work, swing time while you watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, eating, then morning tummy time and walks in your stroller. You are now big enough to ride in the stroller without the car seat portion which will come in handy next month at Disney! Speaking of Disney, this month you watched your first Disney movie which was Beauty and the Beast. You took to the skies again for your third and fourth flight up to Cleveland where we spent your first Thanksgiving with daddy's family.

You're developing such a cute little personality. You love to smile, laugh, and "talk" to us. You are a huge fan of Queen Elsa and watch the Let It Go video at least once every day. Mulligan and you get along great and he gives you kisses any chance he can, Caddie on the other hand is scared of you but getting more comfortable with you as time goes on. Whenever we want her to get off the couch all we have to do is lay you within 3 feet of her and she's gone!

You're still crazy about your "bunnies" (pacifiers), tummy time, being held, and your swing but now you try to slide out of it so we have to buckle you in which you are not crazy about. You are drooling like crazy because you are starting to teethe, so now we are having to bust out the bibs or you go through multiple outfits a day. Daddy has discovered that you like to have the window cracked in the car because you like the breeze. I'm hoping this means you will really love the open air rides at Disney like Dumbo.

We can't wait to see what new excitement next month brings! We love you so much Mouse!

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