Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Five Months of Brynn

This has been a month of moving and shaking! You are growing so much and looking like such a big girl. You have mastered rolling over and do it any chance you get. You are starting to not love your swing anymore, except for your morning swing time during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Your new seating preferences are your high chair and exersaucer, which daddy calls your "office." You have a whole new love for your Baby Einstein Play Gym now that you have figured out how to play with all the toys on it and I even added some of these links to give you more things to be able to grab on to.

Teething has hit you pretty hard this month. We feel so bad that you're hurting and holding out hope for the end of this stage. In the meantime we are giving you frozen pacifiers and poor Sophie the Giraffe is earning her keep.

You are all about your pup brother and sister nowadays! Mulligan is your buddy and he gives you kisses on your cheeks and feet anytime he can. Caddie has finally warmed up to you and will give you little nudges when mommy is holding you. They both love to watch you play and we can tell they're eager for you to get bigger so they can play with you.

This month our home became a bit fuller with your Mim making the move down to Georgia to take care of you while mommy and daddy work. We are so grateful to have her taking care of you because we were so scared of putting you in daycare as a little baby. You two have bonded quickly and you've made sure to let her know that you are running the show. Your Uncle Jay is living down here too for a few months while he is playing in his first professional golf tour here in Georgia and Florida. We are so excited to go watch him play and watch daddy be his caddy when he can.

Your "5" is made from some of your toys that you got on your first Christmas!

Each month as you grow we get busier and busier (which is why this post is late...again) but I promise to try better next month! We love you so much Mouse!

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