Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, New Goals

I love New Year's! The opportunity to start fresh at the beginning of each year is so inspiring and this year I'm excited to hit the reset button on life. Accountability is huge for me so I wanted to lay out a set of goals to work on for 2017 that I can look back on throughout the year to make sure I'm holding true to them.

Personal Goals
  • Start leading a healthier lifestyle. When we moved to Georgia my husband and I both gained a lot of weight. We've made excuses for far too long and now it's times to buckle down and be good examples for Brynn. 
  • Dressing better. I want to become a more stylish person and more put together. I'll be calling on all my super chic friends to help!
  • Master a new hobby...for me this is golf. You would think being married to a college golf coach and being a sister-in-law to a golf pro I would already have this on lock down but that isn't the case. I'm starting lessons (hopefully twice a week) with my brother-in-law, Jay, this month.
Family Goals
  • Budgeting our money better is something we need to focus on. Saving more for a future home and starting a college fund for Brynn.
  • Capture our memories with our wonderful GoPro. That goes hand in hand with traveling and exploring more which is something we love doing. 
  • Become more organized by maintaining a family calendar. We have busy schedules and things tend to creep up on us so having a central place for all our plans should be very helpful.
Blog Goals
  • GROW! I want to expand this little blog with more frequent posts with content variety
  • Start using ShopStyle and try to earn some money from blogging
  • Feature my talented friends and favorite shops more, as well as host a couple giveaways!


  1. Yay for goals! All these are so good. I'm working on my post right now! Love you!


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