Monday, January 30, 2017

Six Months of Brynn

How in the world have we been your parents for half a year already?! Time is flying! You are becoming more and more active and you have the greatest little personality.

This month you have truly found your voice. When you're happy for squeal at an octave only Mariah Carey can hit and your laugh is contagious. You "talk" to us in the mornings and tell me about your day when I get home from work. On the other side of the spectrum your new cry is rough. It's incredibly loud, high pitched, and heartbreaking. We do everything we can to keep you in a good mood so we don't have to hear it.

You still love your "office",dogs, frozen pacifiers, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Your new loves include your feet, your Belle doll we got at Walt Disney World, and eating solid foods, which is what your "6" is made of! Sweet potatoes are your favorite followed by apples, mangoes, and prunes. You like baby cereal as long as it's mixed with something else. you like drinking your two ounces of apple juice every day and even hold the bottle by yourself.

You're rolling over, pulling yourself up, and sitting on your own. You're starting to crawl and I feel like this time next month you will be on the move!

You are growing so well and we are excited that we get to be apart of it every day! We love you mouse! 

And a fun little bonus...this is a picture of momma at six months old and a picture of you at the same age in the same dress!!! You look so big!


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