Monday, August 7, 2017

Eleven Months of Brynn

This month we felt like you went from baby to big girl and here's why...

You now can identify and call us by "Mama" and "Dada".

You now understand how to be gentle while petting your dogs.

Vanilla and blueberry puffs are your favorite snack.

You can play a mean game of "Where's Brynn?" also known as peek-a-boo and...


With that being said things are definitely more eventful around the house especially for your Mim who watches you. While your walking steadily is still a work in progress you are a super fast crawler and can make it to your favorite toy, the dog's water bowl, before any of us can jump up and grab you.

This month also brings a very big change for our family because we are moving from Atlanta, GA to Orlando, FL. I, Momma, make the move down first and at the end of July right before your first birthday you and Mim will move down. At the time being Daddy is staying in GA for the fall semester and he will be very missed but hopefully he will be able to make visits often and we will all be together before we know it.

We honestly can't believe that almost a year has gone by since you came into our lives. We love seeing you grow and are so proud to be your parents. We love you Mouse!


  1. Awww...a blog with all these memories. This would be such a good surprise for your daughter when she gets up. I will do the same for my baby boy. <3

  2. What an adorable little baby girl, in love with all the pictures you put up. Sounds as cute as she looks. I know it feels like time flies when you're living with a toddler and before you know it they are almost 20. Hope to see more posts from you.


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