Monday, August 7, 2017

Ten Months of Brynn

So many fun things this month so let's jump right in!

You are using anything and everything as a "walker" and on the move! You are so quick and brave. When you fall down you get right back up and keep going...which all of us could learn from. We finally ditched our big coffee table and traded it in for a tuffed storage ottoman for your safety and our sanity.

You and I went to Missouri to see your Aunt Riss graduate from college and had a great time. A few days later you and Daddy went up to Cleveland to visit Grandma Lo, Poppa B, and Uncle Jay for a few days. You were a huge fan of their new golf cart and Poppa B took you out on it quite a few times. When you were in Ohio you said "Dada" and "Papa" for the first time and melted the hearts of Brian Sr. and Jr.

You have learned to clap and I have to say i think it's the cutest thing you do. All of Mim's hard {patty cake} work paid off and we love to see you clap. the only thing that may be cuter is you shaking your head when we say, "no no no." You're squatting and standing back up which the doctor said is very good and advanced for your age. You can stand by yourself for a long time and I just know that someday soon you're going to take off running. You are so over baby food and want the real thing and we are doing our best to ease you into real food as safely as possible.

We traveled down to Orlando for the long Memorial Day weekend to see our friends and to have an early birthday celebration with your bestie, Stella. We took you girls to Epcot and you met your first character which was Daisy Duck! The weekend could not have gone better and we had so much fun!

No time to slow down...we're on to the next month! We love you so much Mouse!

This month's favorites: zebra walker // stacking rings // old navy bubble rompers

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