Saturday, February 17, 2018


You're halfway to your second birthday (brb crying) so it's time to document how life is right now...

You start each day by dancing to the MMCH theme song usually followed by Let It Go.

I taught you how to shake your hips side to side and when I say "I'm Brynn. I'm Brynn" you do it along with your classic "yasss girl" arm wave that you learned from RuPaul's Drag Race.

You wake up your Mim every morning by running to her room and knocking on the door...even if it's early it makes her day.

You are completely obsessed with Moana and Boss Baby. You watch them almost everyday which is a nice break from your other favorite the Mickey's Campout singalong.

You are getting over your first ear infection and boy did that stink. The doctor said it was probably from your two days of back up care. We thought it was just a cold but after a week of you not getting better and crankier by the day daddy suggested a trip to the doctor.

You absolutely love your Uncle Mario and Uncle Jason's dog Lilly. You pet and hug her so much when we are at their house.

Your favorite foods are: puffs, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, grilled chicken, and popcorn.

You love your slide, Minnie Mouse bus, and Minnie Mouse ballpit.

You can say Mama, Dad, Jay, yes...and are trying your hardest to say water and Disney.

You listen to instructions very well and are very tactile. When MMCH ends on the DVR you run and find the remote and give it to one of us to put it on another also bring us our phones if they're ringing.

You make the funniest little face where you scrunch up your nose and breathe through it like you're a mad bull or something...regardless it's hilarious and you know it always makes us laugh.

You can tell us when you want more milk and when you're finished eating with sign language.

You love when we take walks with you in your trike and when we play in the back yard.

You can throw and catch a ball which makes your daddy incredibly happy.

You are above the curve for height for you in the world did that happen?!

You are becoming so independent which is bittersweet but fills my heart with pride.

Here's to more memories made and fun times together! Love you Mouse!

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