Monday, May 14, 2018

Brynn's First Haircut: Harmony Barber Shop

One of my favorite things about having Walt Disney World as our backyard is making Brynn's milestones well MAGICAL! Years ago when I started at Disney I learned about the First Haircut Package at the Harmony Barbershop in Magic Kingdom. I knew when the time came for my little one to have their haircut that is where it had to be. So with Brynn's bangs obstructing her vision I finally made her big appointment. While the barbershop can occasionally accommodate walk-up appointments I highly suggest making a reservation by calling 407-939-PLAY.

An occasion like this calls for all the bells and whistles aka a squad and some paparazzi...enter Brynn's godmother Katie, Uncle Mario, and Photographer of the Disney Instagram Stars Faison. I still can't believe how great of a support system we have here in Florida. They always take time out of  their days for little moments like this and I couldn't be more grateful. We got to the Magic Kingdom, checked in for the appointment, and stood outside of the barbershop and watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade go by. Brynn's name was called and we all ventured inside the {very small} shop.

The stylists are beyond amazing at making the little ones comfortable and more importantly entertained during the haircut. Our stylist had stickers, toys, and light-up spinners to keep Brynn occupied. She was quick yet precise with trimming her bangs and helped me get her hair into pigtails after her bangs were finished. The Baby's First Haircut Package included the haircut, a little keepsake bag with a lock of their hair, a certificate, and a pair of "my first haircut" mouse ears all for a only $25!                                         

 I literally can't even with this cuteness

After a quick outfit change (because someone got cookie icing all over herself) we hopped over to Main Street for a much famous...balloon picture by Faison! Y'all she got these shots in a matter of seconds and I absolutely LOVE them! Her parents were in town and she came all the way over to Magic Kingdom to take these beyond precious photos. If you make a trip to Disney YOU MUST book a park session with her! She is the best of the best!

I'm so glad we did Brynn's first haircut here and I would highly recommend it if you're thinking about it. If you're looking for more tips and tricks for your trip to WDW head over to Instagram and follow DisneyMomSquad! Until next time...have a magical day!

All photos courtesy of Faison Anne Photography


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